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Crackdown 3 delayed to next year

According to recent reports from different sources, Microsoft has delayed the release of notable video game Crackdown which was scheduled to be outed sometime soon to next next year 2019.

The game which was announced at 2014's E3 video game conference and is described as a good mix of  gameplay coupled with a destructible world powered on Microsoft's Cloud, The game was scheduled to be released along with the Xbox One X November last year but has gone through a number of delays since it was announced.

Microsoft's E3 conference is scheduled to come up in a week's time and we will get to hear more information on this title, when exactly and the progression state of this new video game title.

We can also get ready to get a slew of new game titles and developments at E3 this year, We should also look forward to the playing of Crackdown even if it's coming out in sometime after or during next year.