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New game Miami Street comes from Microsoft

Well....brace up, Microsoft has unveiled  new game, Microsoft gives us car racing again, This time for the Windows 10 OS, This new game is so unique for its game-play support on all Surface devices.

Miami street is built for a broad audience who love easy to pick-up-and-play experiences according to Electric Square, The Game studio which partnered with Microsoft on the making of this video game which will be gradually rolled out to users for testing and feedback gathering.

This new game can be downloaded from the Microsoft store in the countries which its available in, It features One one One racing, realistic car control physics, Dynamic wide cameras, huge selection of cars and a swath of other amazing features.

In this game, You get to enter an event, choose your car lineup and opponent and then challenge your way to victory, You get to race in beautiful city streets and enjoy the speed and high quality race in very good definition.

The game also gets regular updates which players will get to access to greatly improve game-play and the fun involved in it.

The game is built to be played at anytime to the fulfillment of the gamer with its feature of high energy and numerous events to be won by each competitor making the race battle way more interesting.

This could also be the first amongst a new list of games which are to be supported in Microsoft's new Andromeda operating system.